About Us

Fresh flowers are our passion, the Gemma Bloom team are up early every morning ensuring they get to the flower auction to buy the best quality and variety of flowers available on the South Africa market.
The Gemma Bloom team love what they do, adding value and excellent customer service are the key to the Gemma Bloom brand.
Gemma Bloom fine flowers, the art of gifting.

A Bit About Flowers

Owner Bronwyn Watson says, “Buying the flowers ourselves on auction is very important, it allows us to control the quality we bring to our customers, we monitor the farmers daily and follow their quality very carefully. The flower auction is controlled by supply and demand, keeping our fingers on the pulse of our business is very important. For us this is critical.”

The Perfect Gift

The Gemma Bloom team love finding interesting and new gifts, they spend time sourcing new gifts and décor ideas. Keeping their eyes on the local trends that are influenced by the international market helps them keep ahead of the competition.

“We are good at finding the ‘different’ and then seeing our customers delight when they receive flowers or gifts from someone special, that’s when we know we have done well.”

Corporate Gifts

“We get really well supported by our local corporate customers. We understand that every business works very hard at creating a brand, we know that we need to meet meet or exceed thestandards that our corporate clients set, thats why we have retained our corporate clients since our inception, 2008.
We also offer fresh weekly deliveries to their entrances and boardrooms, they may choose fresh flowers,or our magnificent preserved roses, all these allow for an impressive office environment.”