Eternal Roses: The Art of Creating a Long-Lasting Romance

Eternal Roses (also known as “Forever Roses”, “Everlasting Roses” or “Preserved Roses”) are created through a process that takes high-quality, fresh blooms, enriches their colour, and preserves them so that they last up to one full year without water.

The Elegant Presentation of Eternity

With elegant settings (like this Enchanted Rose, often likened to the fairytale “Beauty and the Beast”), your eternal rose is presented and kept in an arrangement that showcases its long-lasting Beauty.

Our short step-by-step guide shows you the painstaking art of preserving roses and allows you to see the almost-unlimited options that these incredible blooms can be created in.

Eternal Rose Colours and Quality

100% quality gives 100% luxury

Step 1: Find the highest quality, largest, and most verdant rose bloom available. These blooms are rich, full, and perfectly textured, to begin with, and the 100% natural process preserves this luxurious feel.

Capturing the beauty at its peak

Step 2: Each bloom is cut at its prime when it is largest and most colourful. These blooms are the immediately transferred to a glycerin-mix to enable the stem to absorb the conserving liquid. Once the sap of the flower is completely replaced with this formula – which can take a few days – the stems and blooms are inspected for damaged leaves, petals, or stems.

Adding to Nature

The blooms are treated and dried, and in some cases, the petals are dyed for a bolder, less natural look. They can also be spliced with other colours, or made metallic like this beautiful example:

Spreading the Love

Our blooms are sourced from the best, most skilled suppliers, worldwide, and shipped carefully to keep the blooms undamaged and perfect.

At Gemma Bloom:

Gemma Bloom brings you the best quality eternal roses in the most captivating colours, set in a variety of gorgeous arrangements to bring out the elegance, intensity, and dramatic appeal of our “forever flowers”.

We’re always finding new ways to arrange and set our Eternal Roses to highlight their incredible colour and keep them in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Look at our arrangements below:

Enchanted Roses

Enjoy the romance of our Enchanted Rose arrangement, in homage to Beauty and the Beast in this fairytale setting.

purple preserved roses

Luxury Bouquets

Presented in a silk-finish hatbox, this bouquet speaks of love, comfort, and luxury, in an assortment of heavenly hues.

Simple Bouquets

For a display of love and indulgence, consider a bouquet of twelve eternal roses


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